Biceps Workout by Victor Martinez

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Sleeping 8 Hours Is a Must

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If you come to fitness or bodybuilding, rest is the most important tool for us to reach our goal. Whatever your goal; building muscles, lose fat, keep fit, bulking up, etc. If you workout properly and take expensive supplements and lack of sleep, you still cannot grow or meet your goal.

The most important process in fitness is recovery and that can be done without any disruption during sleep. So, getting at least 8 hours sleep is necessary to build up muscles or bulking up. The body unable to repair trained muscles and you will lack of focus and strength on next day workout if you lack of sleep.

So, go and buy some extra pillows, get some good comforter, if still not enough, hug your wife or girlfriends, turn on the air condition to 16 degree Celsius and sleep well for tomorrow’s battle.

Back Training by Victor Martinez

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Holding up 5 Seconds Rules the Muscles

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The main goal of any exercise you do is to make it sore and push a lot blood rush to the particular area. Blood rush will bring more nutrients and oxygen to the training area that helps to give energy and recover.

For example, when you do extension; heavy contraction happens when your leg is straight. Once you’re in straight position, hold up for 5 seconds max (possible at least 3 seconds) and slowly bring it down. Repeat these steps. I’m sure you can’t do more than 8 reps.

You will feel quads are hotter and your brain will feel like going mad. This is what I call 5 seconds rules. Once you manage to apply these steps in all your exercise heavy exercise patterns, I’m sure you will not regret from the results you get in very short period of time.

The best is to keep max 4 sets for each muscles using 5 seconds rule. Other sets perform as normal. Otherwise, you might over train, which is not so good also.

Shoulder Workout by Victor Martinez

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Newton’s Law Applied in Bodybuilding

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Newton thought us every action has the equal reaction force. So, when you hitting hard in any workout, your muscles are reacting equally as hard as you train. Just look at it this way:

1. If you lift low weight, the pain is low. Lower chemical and muscle contraction happens contributes to lower growth range.

2. If you life heavy, the pain is greater. Higher chemical reactions and muscle contraction happening around the muscle groups you are training that contributes to higher rate of growth range.

Next time, hitting the gym, try to remember our Newton’s law and apply it on dumbbells and plates. I’m not so sure you will gain, but definitely if Newton alive, he would be so proud.

Chest Workout by Victor Martinez

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Mr. Olymplia 2008 Results

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Below is the results of Mr. Olympia 2007.

PlaceNameCountryRD 1+2RD 3RD 4Total
1Jay CutlerUSA148628
2Victor Martinez Dominican Republic 167932
3Dexter JacksonUSA30161662
4Ronnie ColemanUSA48212089
5Dennis WolfGermany502525100
6Melvin AnthonyUSA482930107
7Silvio SamuelSpain7637
8Gustava BadellPuerto Rico7642
9Johnnie JacksonUSA9247
10David HenryUSA9846
11Ronnie RockelGermany11057
12Darrem CharlesTrinidad14057
13 Hidetada Yamagishi Japan13071
14Toney FreemanUSA13867
15Will HarrisUSA14068
16Mark DugdaleUSA160

16Sergey Shelestov Russia160

16Quincy TaylorUSA160

16Bill WilmoreUSA160

16Eddie AbbewUnited Kingdom160

16Vince TaylorUSA160

16Markus RuhlGermany160

16Francisco BautistaSpain160

16Marcus HaleyUSA160


Jay won Vic at 4 points difference basis. Do you think that he can do that again? During these 2 years, Victor gain more popularity compared to Jay. If you go to any bodybuilding forum, youtube, etc, I'm sure you must heard his name more than anyone in this field. My bet is Vic to be a winner.

I'm sure Victor Martinez will give close fight to the Muscletech crown owner Jay Cutler. Looks like Muscletech need to attract their close competitors like Victor Martinez and Dennis Wolf in their lab test white rat list. Not sure MHP, BSN and Nutrex willing to let go theirs.

Tricep Workout by Victor Martinez

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T-Shirt Saying

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Kick Ass T-Shirt saying!

1. Go freakin heavy, or go freakin home!

2. Lift heavy. Life is too short to live small.

3. Up the dose, lift the most!

4. If the bar ain't bendin, then you're just pretending!

5. Shut up and squat!

6. Bench Press; 300 Club

7. 100% Steroids Free

8. Never strong enough

9. Seeing You Just Move Out Of The Way For Me... Priceless.

10. This Shirts Not Too Small, I'm Just BIG

11. Friends Don't Let Friends LIFT LIGHT

12. Size Matters

13. Eat, Sleep, Lift...Repeat

14. It's not polite to stare

15. Do you poop harder than benching?

16. Lift harder, or die trying.